Weekly Parent Letters


Good afternoon parents/guardians,

We had a great week 2.  Students are beginning to settle into the routines and get used to the daily class work and daily homework.

One thing to be aware of is to be careful about absences, especially on Wednesdays which is our regular quiz day.  I had several students absent this past Wednesday who did not bring me an absence excuse to sign and who did not make up their quiz.  That quiz, therefore, stands as a 0 in the gradebook.

Generally my rule is that students have 2 days to make up a quiz for every 1 day they were absent.  Students must have an absence excuse processed by the counseling center in order to make up a quiz, and students must make an appointment with me to make it up, generally during records room from 2:30 to 2:55.

If your student was absent on Wednesday and is not the one student who made up her quiz already, please make sure your student takes care of this on Monday.  We don’t want to start off our new school year with an F for a missing quiz.

Again, please reach out to me any time you have questions, comments, or concerns.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Amy Hurley


Dear Parents/Guardians,
Good afternoon.  I wanted to give you the heads up that your student’s first weekly quiz is tomorrow during Algebra class.  Quizzes are open-note, so you can help your student by checking the class web site (http://mshurleymath.com) to make sure his/her IAN (interactive algebra notebook) is up-to-date and all homework has been completed and submitted.  I am encouraging students to get into a habit of studying on Tuesday evenings for their Wednesday quizzes.
Also, please ensure your student brings a book he or she enjoys reading for our weekly SSR (sustained silent reading) time tomorrow.
Thank you for your help, and please let me know if you have any questions.
Amy Hurley


Good afternoon, parents and guardians,
It’s been a great first week of Algebra class.  Thank you very much for completing the parent information forms.  I have attached a copy of the syllabus you and your student signed for your records.
If you have not already, please take a moment to connect with our classroom using both Class Dojo and Remind.  Instructions for doing so are on the syllabus, and I will also be sending out invites in another email.
We will start daily homework on Monday.  Please have your student get into the daily habit of checking http://MsHurleyMath.com from a smartphone or computer in order to make sure the day’s class work is complete and to complete the homework.  Students may also opt to complete their homework during records room, which is daily from 2:30 to 2:55.
Also, if your student does not yet have a composition notebook, that is one required item for Algebra this year and they have been given a deadline of Monday.  We will be using the composition notebook to create an interactive notebook the students will use all year long.
Please feel free to reach out to me by email or text message should any questions or concerns arise.  I look forward to continuing our great start.
Amy Hurley
Teacher, 9th Grade Algebra 1