Quiz Retakes

How to Re-Quiz:

  1.  Go get a “Request to Re-Quiz” from the back bulletin board.
  2. Complete the Request to Re-Quiz on your own time (not during class, we have moved forward)
  3. If you need help at any time tome to tutoring, records room, or lunch.
  4. Turn in your completed Request to Re-quiz.
  5. Come back during records room, tutoring, or lunch to re-quiz.  If your Request to Re-Quiz is incorrect, I will ask you to make corrections before allowing you to re-quiz.
  6. Turning in a Request to Re-quiz is NOT the same thing as re-quizzing.  If you’ve turned in a Request to Re-quiz, NOTHING has happened to your grade yet, you must return and actually re-quiz.

From the Syllabus:


Wednesday is Quiz Day. Students will be required to take at least one quiz per learning target. Each quiz correlates to a type of question that may be asked on the end-of-quarter final exam. These quizzes will rarely be multiple choice. Students will be permitted to use their IAN notebook on all quizzes. Algebra 1 students will be required to demonstrate mastery of 75 learning targets.

Re-take Policy:

Students are required to re‑take each quiz until they earn a score of A, B, or C. Students may retake quizzes on Wednesdays, and also before school, during 7th hour records room, or at another time by appointment.

In order to be eligible to retake a quiz, students must properly complete an application to re‑quiz, which includes additional practice on the given topic.

Retake quizzes will follow the same format as the original quiz, but the problems will be slightly different.

Students may retake a quiz as many times as they need to demonstrate mastery; however, may not retake a single quiz more than once per day. For example, a student could come in after school and retake quizzes 5 and 7. However, a student could not come in after school and take quiz 5, have it graded, and then immediately retake quiz 5 again.

There is a two-week deadline for completing a re‑quiz application and re‑taking a quiz. If a student has not done so within the two-week time frame, and has not had a conversation with me about it, the NOT YET grade will remain a 0-point score in the grade book.

Quiz Grading System:

All weekly quizzes will be graded on a mastery system. Returned quizzes will only include the score of A, B, C or NOT YET. It will be the student’s responsibility to determine which questions they missed and why they missed them. If they cannot figure this out, they can get help from the teacher or another student.

Students will earn an A on a quiz if they complete each question accurately, follow all of the directions, and show all of their thinking. Students who do not show all of their thinking will automatically be required to retake the quiz. “A Quizzes” will be entered in the gradebook as 60/60 points. Once a student earns an A on a quiz, he or she is considered to have mastered that concept.

Students will earn a B or a C on a quiz if they show understanding of the concept but make one or more minor errors in the process. “B Quizzes” will be entered in the gradebook as 50/60 points and “C Quizzes” will be entered in the gradebook as 42/60 points. Once a student earns a B or C on a quiz, he or she is considered to have mastered that concept. However, students may choose to retake the quiz if they wish to try to earn an A.

Students will earn a NOT YET on a quiz if they fail to show understanding of a concept by making a major error. Remember – failure to show all of your thinking will result in earning a NOT YET. “NOT YET Quizzes” will be entered in the gradebook as 0 points.