Quiz Retakes

If you are not satisfied with your quiz grade of B or C, you MAY choose to retake the quiz and I will take the higher of your two grades.

If you received a “Not Yet” grade, you MUST retake the quiz, or the “Not Yet” grade will convert to a “0%.”

Here’s how:

  • Get extra help from me if you need it (during 7th hour 2:30-2:55 or before/after school by appointment)
  • Complete the Extra Practice Sheet for the quiz.
  • Find, classify, and correct all the errors on your quiz on the Error Correction Form.
  • Attach your Quiz and Extra Practice sheet to your Error Correction Form and bring it to me when you are ready to re-quiz.

You may re-quiz Wednesdays during class, or during 7th hour records room.


Extra Practice for Quiz 1 – Learning Target 1 – I can perform operations on integers:  quiz-1-lt-1-extra-practice