Google Classroom

How to create an account using your DPS email:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Click “Sign In.”  (If already signed in with a google email, sign out and click “create account.”


Step 3:  Click “Create Account”


Step 4:  Click “Use my current email address instead.”


Step 5:  Fill in your first name, last name, DPS email address (first name.last name last 4 of id# @, password (same as student portal password).  Click “Next.”


Step 6:  Check your DPS email at  Enter the verification code in your email.

Step 7:  Enter your cell phone number to verify your account.

Once you have created your Google Classroom Account and are signed in, add your class using the + in the upper left-hand corner.

Class Codes:

  • Hour 1:  d8w1j3
  • Hour 2:  l8jh7f
  • Hour 3:  9c0u2m
  • Hour 5:  z8xdli