Khan Academy

Sharing your SAT progress:

  1.  Go to this link and tell Khan Academy/College Board to share your SAT progress with me.
  2. In Khan Academy, go to the tab labeled SAT.
  3. From that tab, click on “Sign in to”
  4. “Sign Up”/create a college board account.
  5. DO NOT FORGET your new college board account information.  I will not have access to it to retrieve it for you.  Write it down somewhere handy or enter it into your phone.
  6. Download this app onto your phone.   Sign in using your new college board account information.  This is our daily do now.

If you are not connected to my Algebra class on Khan academy, do this:  (1) log in to Khan Academy; (2) click on the “coaches” tab; (3) enter my class code in the “join a class” box.
Class codes are:
  • Hour 1:  BYUSYN26
  • Hour 2:  JSD6JVJU
  • Hour 3:  2YHVVVWG
  • Hour 5:  XQBC22RQ
  • Hour 6:  YRFXDJHW