Google Classroom

Every student MUST have a google classroom account linked to our classroom.  You can access Google Classroom from your Sprint phone.

  1. Make sure your Gmail account name is your FIRST name and LAST name.  If it isn’t, and you don’t want to change the name on your current gmail account, create a new account to use with Google Classroom.
  2. Download the Google Classroom app onto your Sprint phone (or another device).  Use the class code provided to you to join your class.
    ►Hour 1:  2×94696
    ►Hour 2: 030w4e8
    ►Hour 3:  lfurtav
    ►Hour 5:  o5muds
    ►Hour 6:  f23g65
  3. Upload your IAN assignments, using as many legible photos as you need to show all your work (no videos please, only clear photographs).  Make sure you have the correct DATEPAGE #, and LEARNING TARGET on each page.