Algebra 1 Important Dates and Deadlines

Click here to see what we did in class today and to do your homework.

The IAN is roughly 1/3 of your grade!!!

  1. All our notes, class work, and homework go into the IAN (Interactive Algebra Notebook).
  2. On any given day, I will tell you what to do, and on what page of the IAN to do it.
  3. If you miss anything that day, go here and scroll down until you find the date you missed.  Click on that date.  There, it will tell you what to put into the IAN, and on what page, for that day.
  4. If you are missing a page in your IAN, but you don’t know what date to look at, go here to see a list of what should be in your IAN, ordered by page number.
  5. Turn in your IAN on time!!!!!!!  I collect them to grade once every 2-3 weeks.