• Bring at least two (2) functioning writing utensils


    • Bring your IAN notebook


    • Keep a planner or calendar and record all due dates and important assignments


    • Bring whatever other supplies you personally find necessary to stay organized and on-task


    • Be in your seat working on your Do Now activity BEFORE the tardy bell rings
    • Finish your class work and do your homework the night before, and check your answers prior to arriving at class. That way, you can ask questions in the first part of class about homework problems you couldn’t get correct.
    • If there is to be a lecture on a topic, read that topic in the textbook the night before and take notes. Come prepared to get the questions raised by the reading answered.
    • Study for your tests and quizzes. That means complete your practice problems over and over until you are sure you can do them correctly. It also means make sure you have learned all your vocabulary words.




  1. Do Not Be Auditorily Distracting (making noise)


      • Do not talk when the teacher is talking, even about something legitimate, such as the math lesson


      • If you have a question about the lesson, do not talk when the teacher is talking to ask a neighbor. Instead, either raise your hand and ask your question (because others may have the same question) or jot yourself a note to ask it later.


      • If you raise your hand and ask me to, I will slow down or repeat what I’ve said. If you, rather, lean over and ask a neighbor, now both of you will miss what I say next and become more confused.


      • Do not make any noises during instruction. I, as well as some of my students, am easily distracted by random noises such as pencil tapping, gum popping, humming, etc. Please be considerate when the teacher is talking or when a classroom discussion is happening, and refrain from making noise.


  1. Do Not Be Visually Distracting (movements)


      • Stay in your seat during instruction (when the teacher is talking, or when the class is having a whole-group discussion)


      • Do not throw anything, ever, including paper at the trash can. If you have garbage, keep it at your desk, and throw it away on your way out the door when you are dismissed


      • Keep your hands to yourself; do not touch anyone


      • Do not make motions which would draw someone’s attention away from the lesson




    • When behavior is corrected immediately respond with assent (for example, yes, ma’am), and refocus on the lesson.


    • If you don’t feel capable at the moment of saying something with a respectful tone, refrain from saying anything at that moment.


    • Use respectful language with adults and with each other. Do not call the teacher “girl,” or “boi,” smack your lips, or roll your eyes. Look at someone who is addressing you.


    • If you are upset about something, use the proper grievance procedure. The proper grievance procedure is NOT to air grievances during instruction time. I am always willing to listen to what is bothering you provided it is expressed respectfully and at the proper time.


    • You will not like every teacher, and you will not feel respect for every teacher, but you must SHOW respectful behavior to every teacher regardless of how you feel personally.




    • Keep your head up.


    • Note important information/take notes.


    • Track the speaker (whether it is a teacher or another student)


    • Raise your hand to ask questions or to volunteer answers.


    • Try not to let yourself be distracted by others or by things that have happened/are happening outside the classroom. Pay attention.




    • Talk with your classmates ONLY about the assignment before you.


    • Refrain from playing around


    • Ask questions of your classmates and teacher when you get stuck


    • Wait patiently for help without talking or playing. Either try the next problem, ask a classmate to help you, or something else appropriate while you are waiting for the teacher to help you


    • Complete at least 75% of the class work expected of you by the end of the class.


    • Complete ALL of your class work, 100%, by the next morning.