Final Exam Details

The final exam is 40 multiple choice questions.  This is a CLOSED book, CLOSED note exam.


Students will be given 2 class periods to finish the final.  Students will begin taking the final on Tuesday, 1/22/2019.  At the end of the hour, students will turn in their partially finished final exams.

On the official final exam day, students’  partially finished final exams will be returned to students to be completed.  Exams must be finished before the end of the hour on the second day.

Official final exam dates:

  • Hours 1, 2, 3:  Wednesday 1/23/2019
  • Hour 5:  Thursday 1/24/2019

Please bring multiple writing utensils.  Students will be provided with a calculator, scratch paper, an exam, and an answer document.  All testing materials must be returned to the teacher and may not be taken out of the classroom.