Tuesday, 11/27/2018

I can solve absolute value equations and inequalities.


Study for tomorrow’s quiz.  Any homework or class work problem we’ve had about absolute value is fair game for the quiz.  Make sure you know all the answers and how to find them.

Use these resources to study for tomorrow’s quiz:

  • Pearson pp. 207-210, Chapter 3 Section 7 (you did a metalog on this chapter on Wednesday 11/14)
  • IAN p. 45 (yellow)
  • Khan Academy Solve absolute value equations
  • Notes:  IAN p. 46 (green)
  • Algebra Nation pp. 52-54 (Section 2 Topic 9)
  • Absolute Value Inequalities Homework (Link)
  • IAN p. 47 – Absolute Value Inequalities Application (salmon-colored)
  • Application Homework (Link)
  • IAN p. 48 – Solving Absolute Value Task Cards
  • Any notes you have from the extra-credit Escape the Room Activity (11/26/18)
  •  Practice Quiz Part 1
  • Today’s Kahoot! (see link above)
  • Practice Quiz Part 2 (see link above)