Tuesday, 10/23/2018


I can solve equations.
  • Class Work – Scavenger Hunt Activity on IAN p. 37.
    • You must not only solve each equation, but also you must list the properties you used with each step.
    • Properties can be abbreviated:
      • APE – Addition Property of Equality
      • MPE – Multiplication Property of Equality
      • DP – Distributive Property
      • AP – Associative Property
      • CP – Commutative Property
      • CLT – Combining Like Terms
  • Homework – Finish all IAN pages, A.N. pages, and Khan Academy that you have listed as missing or incomplete.
  • Quiz will be Thursday instead of Wednesday, due to tomorrow’s abbreviated schedule for P/T Conferences.
  • Students whose parents come to conferences and speak to me will earn extra credit.

Trail/Scavenger Hunt – Solving Equations Using Properties