Donuts for Ravenclaws!


CONGRATULATIONS Ravenclaws for winning the 2017-18 House Cup!!!!!

Today, stop by Room 213 for a donut.

Everyone else, if you see a Ravenclaw, congratulate him or her.

Ravenclaw house members:

Nybrashianna Allen

Tamesha Amerson

Jasmain Bassett

Trinity Booker

Jordan Boyd

Diamond Bridges

Kyla Brooks

Omorion Bryant

Jazmine Colton

Denise Dawson

Na’Kima Duncan

NyJuan Hallman

Domanic Jackson

Ajana Lunsford

Amari Lipscomb

Justin McCree

Cornelius Mitchell

Ar’Keisha Oilbright

Desiree Redmond

Jalen Reed

Lanette Salter

Dajanae Smith

Jason Smith

Ashleigh Stroud

Lauren Trammel

Tya Vasser

Mekki Wade

Brooklynn Ward

Antoinay Whitley

Joslyn Wilkes

Jovondre Wyatt

Tuesday, 6/5/2018

Learning Target 74:  I can solve equations using the quadratic formula.


  1.  Do Now
  2.  Class Work:  IAN p. 206 (Solving Quadratics Using the Quadratic Formula)
  3.  Homework:  Khan Academy:  Quadratic word problems (standard form)
  4. Quiz 28 is tomorrow – make sure all prerequisites are complete so you can take the quiz.

Quiz 28 Prerequisites:

►IAN p. 205
►IAN p. 206
►Khan Academy Quadratic Formula
►Khan Academy Quadratic word problems (standard form)
►Guest teacher work from Monday, 6/4/2018 (do 10 problems for full credit – any additional problems will be extra credit)

Monday, 6/4/2018

Learning Target 74:  I can solve equations using the quadratic formula.

►Guest teacher work:  Solve each equation using the quadratic formula.
►(We did this on Thursday and Friday so check your notes/algebra nation books)
►Must be completed by the end of the hour.
►As always, it is worth TRIPLE points.


Friday, 6/1/2018

Learning Target 74:  I can solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula.


  1.  Do Now.
  2.  Class Work:  IAN p. 206 (Solving Quadratics Using the Quadratic Formula).
    “Try It!” and “Beat the Test!” (Algebra Nation p. 149).
    IAN p. 205 – Quadratic Formula Find the Error.
  3.  Homework:  Khan Academy Quadratic Formula.

Please remember to take care of Quizzes 27 and 26 if you have not already done so.  This is IMPERATIVE for passing Algebra 1 Quarter 4.