Thursday, 5/31/2018

Learning Target 74:  I can solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula.


  1. Do Now:  Consider the quadratic function y = x² – 4x + 3.
    a.  Find the discriminant.
    b.  How many zeros does this quadratic function have?
    c.  Find the zeros using your graphing calculator.
    d.  Solve the quadratic equation using factoring (show all your thinking).
  2. Notes:  Algebra Nation Section 5 Topic 9 (p. 148) – Quadratic Formula.
  3. Class Work:  “Try It!” and “Beat the Test!” (p. 149).
    IAN p. 205Quadratic Formula Find the Error. (We’ll save this for tomorrow due to the half-day today.)
  4.  Homework – Quadratic Formula Memorization Assignment (due Wednesday 6/6/18).