Wednesday, 5/30/2018

Learning Target 72:  I can solve quadratic equations by taking square roots.
Learning Target 73:  I can determine the number of solutions of a quadratic equation using the discriminant.

Hours 5 and 6:

Nobody completed the prerequisites for Quiz 27 today.  Therefore, Quiz 27 is a 0% in the gradebook for everyone.

►In order to take Quiz 27 and change the 0% in the grade book, you must complete all the prerequisites, then take the quiz in records room or during lunch.

►No homework – work on your Quiz 27 and Quiz 26 prerequisites during your homework time this evening.

Quiz 27 Prerequisites:

  1.  IAN pp. 203-204.
  2.  Khan Academy Number of solutions of quadratic equations (with a passing score).
  3.  Khan Academy Quadratics by taking square roots intro (with a passing score).
  4.  Khan Academy Quadratics by taking square roots (with a passing score).

Hours 1, 2, 3:

►There was no class today.

►Quiz 27 will be combined with Quiz 28

►Please make sure you have your Quiz 27 prerequisites completed before quiz time so you will be permitted to take the quiz.

►No homework – use your homework time this evening to work on Quiz 26 and Quiz 27 prerequisites.