Spring Break Assignment

Due Apr 9, 11:59 PM

Spring Break Assignment (regular credit, not optional)

Using your Sprint phone, or any internet-enabled device, complete the following:

FOR REGULAR CREDIT (not optional):


Complete the Khan Academy unit entitled “Inequalities (systems & graphs)” – 72 points for videos and exercises, 28 points for unit test. You may do the exercises and as many times as you like. You must achieve a passing score (60% or better) on each exercise to earn credit. – total of 100 points.

2. SATPRACTICE.ORG – 10 hours

Complete 10 hours of SAT practice at SATPRACTICE.ORG (the same website we use for our daily Do Now activity) (khanacademy.org/sat). You may complete any of the reading/writing or mathematics activities listed there when you sign in. – 50 points


Complete Algebra Nation Section 4 Test Yourself Tool with a score of at least 7 out of 10. You may do this as many times as you like. (If you achieve a 9/10 or better, you will receive extra credit.) 50 points.

FOR EXTRA CREDIT (optional):

After you have completed all the above, you may do any of the following for extra credit:

1. Complete any Algebra Nation Test Yourself Tool (any section) with a score of 7/10 or better.

2. Complete any SAT practice, greater than the 10 hours assigned above, at SATPRACTICE.ORG.

3. Level up on the Algebra Nation On-ramp Tool.