Wednesday, 12/20/2017

Learning Target 25:  I can solve and graph compound inequalities.
Learning Target 26:  I can solve absolute value equations and inequalities.

Hours 1, 2, 3:  Quiz 10.

Homework:  Extra Online Practice – ONLY for students who achieved below a 70% on today’s quiz.

If you attained 70% or higher, you have no homework this evening.

Hour 5 – Due to issues in class we needed to address, Quiz 10 is happening tomorrow.  Please come to class with at least two writing implements, ready to effectuate a silent testing environment so everyone can concentrate.  Please make sure you know how to log on to before you come to class.

Hour 5 homework is to upload IAN pages 91, 92, 93 to Google Classroom.

Hour 6 – we did not meet today due to early dismissal.  Your Quiz 10 is tomorrow.  Your homework is to continue studying and practicing for tomorrow’s Quiz.