Monday 12/4/2017

Learning Target 21:  I can write, graph and identify solutions to inequalities.
Do Now:   SAT Question of the Day:
A food truck owner has determined that her maximum revenue occurs when she sells 950 sandwiches per month. For every sandwich above or below 950 that she sells, her revenue decreases by $0.10. Which of the following could be the number of sandwiches sold in a month if the owner’s revenue decreased $45 from the maximum? Round the answer to the nearest whole number.
A. s=905 or s=995
B. s=946 or s=955
C. s=500 or s=1,400
D. s=500 or s=950

Class Work:  IAN pp. 84-85, Solving Inequalities Handout

Homework #31 below, on IAN p. 86, due tomorrow by 6:00 a.m.