Tuesday, 10/17/1

Quiz 5 is Tomorrow!  Know rational (fractional) exponents and properties of real numbers.

  1. Today was a Khan Academy Day.  We are preparing for tomorrow’s quiz.
  2. Khan Academy Assignments (24 points total):
    1. Square Roots
    2. Cube Roots
    3. Fractional Exponents
    4. Rational Exponents Challenge
    5. Multiply and Divide Powers
    6. Properties of Exponents Challenge (Integer Exponents)
    7. Commutative Property of Multiplication
    8. Associative Property of Multiplication
(If you are not connected to my Algebra class on Khan academy, do this:  (1) log in to Khan Academy; (2) click on the “coaches” tab; (3) enter my class code in the “join a class” box.)
Class codes are:
  • Hour 1:  BYUSYN26
  • Hour 2:  JSD6JVJU
  • Hour 3:  2YHVVVWG
  • Hour 5:  XQBC22RQ
  • Hour 6:  YRFXDJHW