Monday 10/9/17

Learning Target 3:  I can classify, graph and compare real numbers.
IAN Checks are Wednesday 10/11 (Hours 1, 5), Thursday 10/12 (Hour 2), Friday 10/13 (Hours 3, 6).  I am checking page 1 and pages 21-39.

•  Notes (the Ozanich Way) – IAN p. 39 – divide your page into 6 sections.  In each section, write one vocabulary word:  rational, irrational, integer, non-integer, whole, natural.  For each word, draw a picture, cartoon, diagram, or other illustration of the meaning of the word.

•  Class Work – IAN p. 40 (link to handout)

•  Homework 16 – This is part of IAN p. 40, today’s class work.  Also for homework, please use this answer key to the odd numbered problems from Friday’s class work and correct your answers in a different color ink or on a separate correction sheet.