Tuesday Sub Work for Hours 5 and 6

Hours 5 and 6, you will have a guest teacher today.  Please be on your best behavior.  I will administer rewards and consequences based on the report of the guest teacher.

Sub work expires in 60 minutes and I can monitor your progress from my cell phone, so I will know whether you’re working or not during your class period.  Sub work is worth 3 class work grades.

You will need your free Sprint cell phone or another device to complete your sub work.

Hour 5 Sub Work:  1ZEODNO4

Hour 6 Sub Work:  3G9KLKVI   (Hour 6, if you go to the dance, you can finish your sub work for homework.  This option is ONLY available to 6th hour students attending the dance during 6th hour.)

Be good!

Monday 10/30/17

Learning Target 13:  I can use the distributive property to simplify expressions.
  1.  Notes/Class Work – IAN p. 59 (handout)
  2. Homework, IAN p. 60 (text p. 49-50, 2-40 even problems only)

Friday 10/27/2017

Today I only saw hours 1 and 2 due to Olympiad.  We did textbook p. 73, #1-7, 10, 12, 13 and p. 479, #1-8.  (the same assignment everyone else had yesterday).

No homework tonight.  Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, 10/26/2017

Hours 1-2, SAT prep

Hours 3, 5, 6, Class Work, textbook p. 73, 1-7, 10, 12, 13 and p. 479, 1-8.  Do this class work on IAN p. 56 and 57.


►Homework (all hours), IAN p. 58, due tomorrow.  READ textbook p. 46-48, WRITE the distributive property, SOLVE Got it? questions 1-4.

Learning Target for Homework is 13:  I can use the distributive property to simplify expressions.



Tuesday, 10/24/2017

Tomorrow we have early release (12:25) and we will be taking the practice SAT all morning.

Your only homework tonight is to do mastery tests on Khan Academy to try to level up the 12 skills I’ve assigned and you’ve already practiced.

See you tomorrow!