Friday, 9/29/2017

Learning Target 5:  I can multiply powers with the same base.

  1.  Class Work:  IAN p. 32 (If you were absent you can print the handout here:  The Product Rule Exponent Rules)
  2. Homework:  IAN p. 33 (top half of the page only please)

Thursday 9/28/17

Learning Target #4:  I can simplify expressions involving zero exponents and negative exponents.

  1.  Notes:  IAN p. 30
  2. Learning Activity – Quiz-Quiz-Trade (nothing written, just practice)
  3. Homework 11 due Friday 9/29 by 6 a.m. Complete this homework on IAN p. 31.

Wednesday 9/27/17

Don’t forget to send your parent/guardian to open house today from 2 to 4 p.m.  You can receive extra credit if I see your parent/guardian.

Learning Target 4: I can simplify expressions involving zero exponents and negative exponents.

  1.  We took Quiz 3 over Learning Target 3, I can classify, graph and compare real numbers.
  2. We had sustained silent reading.
  3. Homework 10 is due tomorrow, Thursday, 9/28/17 by 6 a.m.

Tuesday 9/26/17

Learning Target 3:  I can classify, graph, and compare real numbers

  1.  Class Work IAN p. 27-28:  textbook p. 20-21, #37-49 odd, 52-68 all.
  2. Homework:  selected textbook problems due Wednesday 9/27 by 6am.
  3. Study for tomorrow’s Quiz over Learning Target 3
  4. Tomorrow is SSR – don’t forget to bring your book to read.
  5. Tomorrow is early release – 1:30 p.m.
  6. Tomorrow is open house from 2-4 p.m. – extra credit for all algebra students whose parent/guardian attends.

Monday 9/25/17

Learning Target 3:  I can classify, graph and compare real numbers.

  1.  Notes:  IAN p. 24 – the real number system graphic organizer.  If you were not in class today due to the half-day, please go ahead and get these notes down in your IAN – you can just draw the boxes if you don’t have the handout.p 24-01
  2. Class Work:  IAN p. 25-26 – textbook p. 20, #9-35 oddtext p20
  3. Homework:  Select class work problems due Tuesday 9/26 by 6am.

Friday 9/22/17

  1.  We finished the John Foppe video.
  2. Growth Mindset True/False Activity
  3. Video:  Growing Your Mind – 3 minutes.  Complete video guide in groups on IAN p. 23.
  4. Homework #7 due Monday 9/25/17
  5. IAN check – pp. 1-20 – TODAY for hours 3 and 5, MONDAY for hours 1, 2 and 6.

Thursday, 9/21/17

  1. I passed back quizzes.  If you got a “not yet” grade you have 2 weeks to complete a “Request for Requiz” and take the quiz again.
  2. We collected permission slips for the Sprint 1Million cell phone program.  Please get your permission slip in so you can receive a phone tomorrow.
  3. We watched two videos (Angela Duckworth, John Foppe) about having Grit.  We will finish up the second video tomorrow.  Video guide is on IAN p. 21.
  4. Homework:  Read textbook page 17, problems 1 and 2.  On IAN p. 22, complete “Got It?” exercises #1 and 2.

Free Cell Phone Consent Form Due Tomorrow!

Please don’t forget your consent form, signed by a parent or guardian, tomorrow.  We only have about half the freshman class having turned in forms so far, and the cell phones will go to another school if our freshmen don’t take advantage of the free phones.

You will be keeping the phones for 5 years at no cost to you.  We will be using them in class to complete homework, do research, visit practice websites, and use the textbooks.

If you don’t have a blank form, you can get one here.

1Million Program Parent Consent Form

1MP Parent Letter

Sprint 1 Million Project FAQs