Due to a technical issue the website didn’t update today.  Therefore, no homework tonight.  Have a good evening!


What did we do today?

Learning Target 34:  I can add and subtract polynomials
Learning Target 35:  I can multiply polynomials

Hour 3

  • Collaborative Quiz – Finish Tomorrow
  • Homework #63h {click here}

Hour 2, 4, 6

Do Now/Go Over HW



What did we do today?

Learning Target #35:  I can multiply polynomials.
  • Do Now/Go Over Homework
  • Notes and Class Work on Foldable (for hours 2, 4, 6 IAN p. 63, for hour 3 IAN p. 67)
  • Exit Ticket
  • Homework #62, below

To print the foldable [click here].

To see the powerpoint notes, [click here].

HOUR 2:  If you aren’t sure you did well on today’s pop quiz, you can be exempt from that quiz grade by watching this video on Khan Academy, then completing all your notes and class work from today.  Make sure you’re logged in to Khan Academy so I can see that you watched it.  This all must be done by 8 a.m. tomorrow for credit.

Here is an OPTIONAL video on multiplying polynomials using ALGEBRA TILES for anyone still struggling.

Here is a neat site where you can play with Algebra Tiles.  The only difference is, the tiles go left and BOTTOM instead of left and top.

Hour 2’s Khan Academy coach code is X3F9U2, for students who may be new to our school and are not yet linked up to me as a coach on Khan Academy.  


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

What did we do today?

Learning Target #34:  I can add and subtract polynomials.
  • Do Now
  • Learning Activity IAN p. 61-62 (Hour 3 is p. 64-65)
  • Exit Ticket
  • Homework #61 below, due Monday

If you did not finish the 9 class work problems on the learning activity, please do so over the weekend.  Photos of the cards are below the homework.


What did we do today?

Learning Target #34:  I can add and subtract polynomials.
  1.  Do Now/Go Over Homework
  2. Class Notes IAN Page 58 (for Hour 3 it’s Page 61)
  3. Class Work IAN Page 59-60 (for hour 3 it’s Page 62-63)
  4. Exit Ticket
  5. Pass back Quiz 11.  If you got a “Not Yet” grade please make sure you pick up an application to re-quiz.
  6. Homework #60, below

If you need to look at the notes or class work, click here.


What did we do today?

Learning Target #32 (I can label the parts of a polynomial) and #33 (I can classify a polynomial according to its degree and number of terms).

Hour 3:

  • Do Now/Go Over Homework
  • Learning Activity/Foldable – IAN Page 60 [handout]
  • Exit Ticket
  • Homework #58 (below) due tomorrow

Hour 2, 4, 6:

  • Do Now/Go over Homework
  • Tarsia Puzzle (solve in pairs) – labeling and naming polynomials
  • Homework #58 (below) due tomorrow