What did we do today?

Learning Target #37:  I can factor a quadratic trinomial into two binomials if possible.
  1.  Do Now/Go Over Homework
  2. Class Work on IAN pp. 72-73 (for hour 3 it’s 74-75) (see photo below the homework for today’s class work)
  3. Homework #70, below, due Monday

Don’t forget – Quiz 13 will be Tuesday 4/4, NOT Wednesday, due to the early release on Wednesday.

Last IAN check of the marking period is Monday 4/10/17 for all hours.

Quarterly Final Exam is Monday, 4/10/17.  My books close that day.

PSAT 8/9 is Tuesday, 4/11/17.

Class Work Factoring Polynomials a greater 1.PNG