• A.M. – Guest teacher will be in attendance.  Please behave respectfully.
  • P.M. – I will be at school, but will provide the same class work (below) that was provided to my A.M. classes.
Learning Target #37:  I can factor a quadratic trinomial into two binomials if possible.

Since there is no quiz today, today’s class work will be worth 60 points.

There is homework tonight (#68, below) due Thursday.

Option 1, Puzzle

  • 2-4 students may work together to complete a puzzle by factoring quadratic trinomials into 2 binomials.
  • Once the puzzle has been completed, please snap a clear photo of the completed puzzle and email it to amy.hurley@detroitk12.org.
  • Indicate “puzzle” in the subject line and the first/last names of the students who completed it in the body of the email.
  • For the 60 points, puzzle must be completed correctly and I must be provided with the calculations students performed in order to complete the puzzle.


Option 2, Color by Number

  • Students may complete a color by number after decoding the color key.
  • To decode the key, students must factor quadratic trinomials into 2 binomials.
  • Picture must be colored correctly and all calculations must be shown to receive the 60 points credit.


Please bring your IAN to class so you can consult your notes and class work for the past 2 days, as they will be helpful in solving the puzzle and/or decoding the color-by-number.