Welcome Back!

What did we do today?

Hour 2

11 students were disruptive enough and uncorrectable enough that the planned review activity could not happen.  Therefore, I assigned a pop quiz.  Those same 11 students would not allow a silent quiz environment, therefore, a quiz could not be administered and the grade was 0.  (Parents are currently being contacted).

Students who wish to be excused from this 0% pop quiz should complete the planned review activity at home, in writing, and turn it in no later than 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (2/22).

Hour 3, 4, 6

Review activity.  If you were not here, please complete it on paper within 2 days for credit.

Review Activity:

  1.  What is a system of equations?
  2. Which graph depicts the correct solution to the system?2-21-alt-questions-22-21-alt-questions
  3. What are the 3 steps to solving a system of equations algebraically using substitution?
  4. 2-21-alt-questions-4
  5. Compare the slopes and y-intercepts of the equations in a system of equations with infinitely many solutions.
  6. Put the equation in slope-intercept form.  In other words, solve for y.  6x + 2y = 10

No Homework Tonight.