What did we do today?

REVIEW for Quiz 7 over Learning Targets 26 and 27

  • 26:  I can solve systems of linear equations graphically.
  • 27:  I can determine how many solutions a system of linear equations has and classify it as consistent or inconsistent.

Your homework tonight is to finish Page 41 (IAN) and make sure it’s correct so that you can use it on your open-note quiz tomorrow.

Do you know how to:
  1. Look at a linear equation in slope-intercept form and identify the slope (m) and y-intercept (b)?
  2. Knowing the slope and y-intercept, graph the equation?
  3. Graph a linear equation that is NOT already in slope-intercept form, either by (a) rearranging the equation using inverse operations so that it is in slope-intercept form or (b) creating a table of values?
  4. Graph a system of two linear equations and SOLVE it (find the solution/intersection point)?
  5. Express the solution of a system of linear equations as an ordered pair?
  6. Use the slope and y-intercept of a system of linear equations to determine how many solutions the system has and whether the system is CONSISTENT or INCONSISTENT?

If you know all these things, you will do fine on tomorrow’s quiz.  Please prepare for your quiz by 1) having complete and correct notes and class work and 2) practicing anything you’re shaky on until it feels natural.

Don’t forget your SSR book, and have a good evening!

Upcoming deadlines:  Quiz 7 tomorrow; SSR 8 tomorrow; IAN Check Thursday (Hour 2), Friday (Hour 3), Monday (Hours 4 and 6); Hour 3 Journal Entry Friday.