What did we do today?

Hours 2, 4, 6 – MAZE (review for Quiz 9 tomorrow)

Hour 3 – Class Work (review for Quiz 9 tomorrow)

No Homework – Use tonight to finish the class work so you’re ready for the quiz.

Tomorrow:  Quiz 9 and SSR 10



What did we do today?

Learning Target #29 – I can solve systems of linear equations algebraically using elimination.

Hour 3:

  1.  6.3 Packet – IAN p. 49  (Do Now, Class Work, Exit Ticket)
  2. Homework:  Complete the “Talk the Talk” section #1-4 due tomorrow

Hour 2:

  1.  IAN p. 49, Class Work
  2. Homework #51 due tomorrow

Hour 4, 6:

  1.  IAN Page 50, MAZE – Solving Systems Of Equations Advanced Elimination (11 problems)
  2. Homework #51 due tomorrow

Upcoming Due Dates:

  • Last day to Re-Quiz #8:  Wednesday 3/1
  • Quiz 9 – LT 29 – Wednesday 3/1
  • SSR 10 – Wednesday 3/1
  • Journal Entry #3 (Hour 3 only) – Friday, 3/3
  • Expectations Quiz – Closed-book/No Notes – Friday 3/3
  • IAN Check:  Hour 2 Thursday 3/2; Hour 3 Friday 3/3; Hours 4 & 6 Monday 3/6


What did we do today?

Learning Target #29:  I can solve a system of linear equations algebraically using elimination.

Hour 2

  • Notes over expectations – PowerPoint – IAN Page 45
  • Homework is sign up for Class Dojo [parent/guardian sign-ups are worth 15 points, student sign-ups another 15 for a total of 30 points (1/2 a quiz)].  If you need the code, email me from the email address to which you want the code sent, and indicate if you need the student code or the parent code.

Hour 3

  • Class Work, Learning Target #29, IAN Page 48, Problem 1 People Love Their Comics
  • Homework – IAN Page 48, Complete Problem 2 Let It Snow, #1-5.  Be ready to share your answer to #5 with the class tomorrow.

Hour 4 and 6

  • Notes – Learning Target #29, IAN Page 47
  • Homework #49 Due Tomorrow



What did we do today?

Hour 2

9th Grade Assembly – no class

Hour 4, 6

Review of Class Expectations – PowerPoint

Take Notes on IAN Page 45

Hour 3

Rachel’s Photographs – complete on Page 47 of IAN.  This must be complete by tomorrow morning so please complete it this evening if you are not yet finished.

Rachel needs to print some of her digital photos. She is trying to choose between Lightning Fast Foto and Snappy Shots. Lightning Fast Foto charges a base fee of $5 plus an additional $0.20 per photo. Snappy Shots charges a base fee of $7 plus an additional $0.10 per photo.
▪Write a system of equations to represent the scenario.
▪Determine the number of photos for which both stores will charge the same amount.
▪Explain which store Rachel should choose depending on the number of photos she needs to print.

No Homework, All Classes.  Have a good evening.


Welcome Back!

What did we do today?

Hour 2

11 students were disruptive enough and uncorrectable enough that the planned review activity could not happen.  Therefore, I assigned a pop quiz.  Those same 11 students would not allow a silent quiz environment, therefore, a quiz could not be administered and the grade was 0.  (Parents are currently being contacted).

Students who wish to be excused from this 0% pop quiz should complete the planned review activity at home, in writing, and turn it in no later than 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (2/22).

Hour 3, 4, 6

Review activity.  If you were not here, please complete it on paper within 2 days for credit.

Review Activity:

  1.  What is a system of equations?
  2. Which graph depicts the correct solution to the system?2-21-alt-questions-22-21-alt-questions
  3. What are the 3 steps to solving a system of equations algebraically using substitution?
  4. 2-21-alt-questions-4
  5. Compare the slopes and y-intercepts of the equations in a system of equations with infinitely many solutions.
  6. Put the equation in slope-intercept form.  In other words, solve for y.  6x + 2y = 10

No Homework Tonight.


No homework, have a nice break.

If you got a not yet on Quiz 7, you should be working on the extra practice to re-quiz.  TUESDAY 2/21 to turn in your 50 questions, there will be no late ones accepted.

If you got a not yet on Quiz 8, you have until 3/1/2017 to re-quiz.

Hour 3 Quiz today:

What you need to have with you for today’s quiz:

  1. Story problems (complete and correct) from pages 41 (journal, hikers), 44 (class buttons), and 45 (milking cows).
  2. Notes from Quarter 2 about finding slope from a table.
  3. Notes from Quarter 2 about finding a y-intercept from a table.
  4. Notes from Quarter 2 about writing an equation in slope-intercept form.
  5. Notes from page 42 about solving systems of equations using substitution.
  6. Notes from 34-40 about solving systems by graphing

I will be available the first 10 minutes of class to answer any questions you may have before I distribute the quiz, provided you are quiet and attentive while I answer said questions.

Good luck!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

What did we do today?

Catch up day:  Get ready for Quiz 8 and IAN Check 2.

Hours 2, 4, 6: 

  • IAN Page 42 (Notes) (2/9/2017)
  • IAN Page 43 (partner check) (2/10/2017)
  • IAN Page 44 (class work – antelope & buffalo) (2/13/2017)

Hour 3:

  • IAN Page 43 (Notes) (2/9/2017)
  • IAN Page 44 (Substitution Class Work) (2/10/2017)
  • IAN Page 45 (Milking Cows Problem) (2/13/2017)
  • IAN Page 46 (Journal Entry 2) (Due 2/21/2017)

Homework 40