What did we do today?

Hour 2,4

Thank you for your cooperation with MAP testing.  There is no homework today.  Bring your Interactive Algebra Notebooks and writing implements to class on Monday.

Hour 3

Thank you also for your cooperation with MAP testing. 


  • Read Pages 94-97

    in the Textbook.  (click a tile to enlarge)

  • On IAN Page 18, take notes on what you read, including 1 thing you understand or find interesting, 2 things you still need more practice with, and 1 thing you have a question about.
  • Answer Questions 5 and 9 in the Lesson Check.

Hour 6

Learning Target 14:  I can solve linear equations with variables on one side of the equal sign. 

Today we focused on Distributive Property.  Class Work is on IAN Pages 18 and 19

Homework for Hour 6 is below:

Have a great weekend!

If you were absent, here are today’s handouts for IAN Pgs. 17 and 18: