Spring Break News

Those of you who have accumulated enough points this quarter, have a wonderful break full of lots of fun!  You can stop reading here.

Those of you who have not accumulated enough points this quarter, please use this break to work on extra practice sheets for requests to requiz.

I will be making an extra-credit packet available via remind.com.  I will only accept and grade completed extra-credit packets from students who have completed every single requiz.  In other words, take care of your requizzes first!  Extra credit is due on Monday, April 4, at the beginning of your hour.

We have a 120-point IAN notebook check when you return on Monday, April 4.  I will be checking pages 81-90.  6th hour will also need to complete Quiz 20.  These will be the last grades of Quarter 3, which closes on April 8.

Last day to turn in request for requiz is April 6 at 3 p.m., no exceptions.  Last day to take a requiz is April 7 by 4 p.m., also no exceptions.

Have a wonderful and productive break.