Algebra Homework and Class Work

We started this worksheet today in class.  I did the first one with you so you would have an example.  If you worked hard in class today, you probably have three to five problems completed already.

Your assignment is to finish the first 10 problems, due tomorrow, Thursday, 1/21/2016 at the beginning of class.
(Instead of our usual online homework, you actually have paper homework today.)

Click on the appropriate link (below) to see a copy of the assignment.

Hours 2 through 6   <—click here if you are in Hour 2, Hour 3, or Hour 6 Algebra.

Hour 1   <—click here if you are in Hour 1 Algebra.

(click on the pictures of today’s notes (below) to enlarge them)

Here is a number line if you need it for reference.  There should also be one in your IAN on the back cover.


number line