1/28/2020 What did we do today?

Learning Target:  I can formalize the laws of exponents and use them to deduce the meaning of x^0 and x^−1.

Class Work, textbook pp 98 – 100:

  1. Finish 3-16 – check answers with Mrs. Hurley
  2. 3-17 – Exponents Concentration Game (Memory Game)
  3. 3-18 – Learning Log – Explain the meaning of Zero Exponents and Negative Exponents.  Give examples.  Complete this on p. 47 of your “A” book.
No homework this week – back to regularly scheduled weekly homework on Monday.

Final Exam Study Guide

Here is a link to the final exam study guide.  The answers are included – please make sure to check your work and bring me any questions you might have.

Our final exam will be administered 6/17 and 6/18 during your regular class time.  (I am giving you an extra day to complete it since it is lengthy).

The study guide is due 6/18 at the start of class.  All work must be shown – no credit for answers only.

Monday 6/3/2019

Learning Target:  I can determine the number of solutions of a quadratic equation.

Class Work:  IAN pp. 123 (salmon) and 124 (learning log entry is on 124)

Homework:  Review & Preview due tomorrow

2019-06-03 14.16.54_3.jpg2019-06-03 14.16.54_4.jpg

Friday 5/31/2019

Learning Target:  I can simplify equations.

Class Work:

Class Activity -simplifying equations (see teacher for alternate assignment)


Review and Preview (below) (find your hour’s equations for #10-27 below) due Monday